Darkness Imiganers Is a deadly species that once almost destroyed and brought Know imaginary world apart.The Darkness Imiganers was banned and locked into another dimension.The Dark Rego's goal is to go back on the Imaginary World.

Know Darkness ImiganersEdit


  • The Dark Rego - Creator and leader
  • Satanicrego - A dragon that guards the Dark Rego
  • Soul eaters - Ghost's that take souls of any imaginary people and brings it to the Dark Rego making him stronger.
  • The Abonimation - Assistant of the Dark rego and commands all the 5 Generals.
  • The Wizord - The first General.He's main attack is to burn enemies to death.
  • Secrot - The Second General.And most loyal to the Dark Rego, he's the most powerful and always get resurrected by his Master
  • Destrucion - The Third General.He betrayed the King of Disney land and became a very strong monster.
  • Saactionasssortalsofmortals - He's name was so long so that The Dark Rego wants him to be the Fourth General.
  • Solas - The Fifth and most easy general to die.