Enter here if you dare. no regrets. here in dimension many things will test your abilities. one wrong , you will die and your spirit will die too. there's no heaven or hell in this dimension. there's no living things here. this is just like earth but it changes place every 2 minutes. every place , you can find 3 clues how to go back in the real world. you must collect 10 void breakers in order. if you touched a void breaker but its not the 1st one that should be touched , you will die. after you collected all void breakers , you will teleport immediately in the temple of void where you should put all void breakers in order. once you put all void breakers in order , a portal to real world will appear. if you didnt enter the portal within 3 minutes , the temple will collapse , portal will disappear , void breakers will disappear. you won't die until the void breaker kills you and your spirit in the same time.

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