Dimensional Scream Edit

Dimensional Scream is an ability that causes a vision taking from past or future when touching something. this only occurs when having a full trust on partner or something is weird on place. a person rarely develop Dimensional Scream when a person is developing an amnesia. on 1481 , a girl developed Dimensional Scream but her memory was erased. on 1493 , the girl died for having a powerful vision that looks reality. many people saw her dying without someone killing her. her spirit possessed a boy on 1513. the boy didnt developed amnesia but he have dimensional scream. he is losing his control sometimes because someone is possessing in his body. on 1516 , the boy touches the dead girl's body that possesses him. the boy almost faint by having a powerful vision. the boy said , "a girl with long hair is trying to kill me. her hair is on front and her hair is wet. he touched my arm very hard." in 1544, the boy died for unknown reason. also in 1578, the dead girl's spirit was burned in magical fire that can kill a spirit. the owner of that magical fire died because he accidentally put his hand in fire so his spirit burned too.