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Great Pokemon League (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Nahrta and Sinnoh) is the most important league of the world. Most of the employees are from the Pokemon anime

Battle style Edit

With a very numerous types of matches, much are hardcore styled or based in Pokemon or trainer wrestling. Here are some examples of match:

Falls count matchEdit

A type of battle that your Pokemon have to immobilize or force the foe to give up. This is a wrestling based match.

Morningstar matchEdit

This match starts with 2 Pokemon fighting,when 1 faints, the Pokemon are retrieved and the trainers enter,that start brawling themselves until a immobilization or a give up is made. Who wins the 2 rounds is the winner, but if it has a draw,another 2 Pokemon are sent out. The only weapon allowed are morningstars.

Employees Edit

This is GPL roster


Brand Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location
Hard Core GPL champion Silver Long July 5,2009 Verdanturf,Hoenn
TV champion Crew Blue December 17,2009 Fortree,Hoenn
GPL Women's champion Jasmine Flannery January 27,2010 New bark,Johto
World tag team champions Destruction Xtreme Layla and brendan July 20,2009 San diego
Smash Contest pass Candice Cora December,17,2009 Fortree,Hoenn
GPL tag team champions Gold and Kris Misty and tracey November 18,2009 Hearthome,Sinnoh
Intercontinental champion Morty Wally November 18,2009 Hearthome,Sinnoh
World heavyweight champion Kisumon Volkner January 27,2010 New bark,Johto


Brand Accomplishment Latest winner Date won
Hard Core Arena king Moore april 2,2009
Money in the bank Undefined Next match:April 19,2010
Sole Survivor Long january 27,2010


  • Belinda
  • Brock
  • Misty
  • LT. Surge
  • Ash
  • Sabrina
  • Blaine
  • Blue
  • May
  • Lucy
  • Tracey sketchit
  • Anderson
  • Jenny
  • Falkner
  • Bugsy
  • Whitney
  • Morty
  • Chuck
  • Long
  • Neto
  • Kid rock
  • Isaac
  • Drew
  • Brawly
  • Wattson
  • Flannery
  • Norman
  • Wallace
  • Ritchie
  • Jessie
  • James
  • Arnold marguerrif
  • ronald margueriff
  • Dawn
  • Maylene
  • Crasher wake
  • Kisumon
  • Moore
  • Crew
  • Byron
  • Candice
  • Volkner
  • ritchie
  • Steven
  • Layla
  • Brendan

Tag teams and stablesEdit

Team name Members
Destruction Xtreme Long ,Stevie and May
The Margueriffs Ronald and Arnold margueriff
NONE Jessie and James
NONE Flannery and Blaine
The Unity Misty and Tracey
NONE Gold and Kris
Team GPL Neto,Ash and Blue


Name Position
Jimmy chad Commentator
Heather Lings Commentator
Fuji Chairman
John "janitor" Steels interviewer


In 1986,a wrestling fan created his imaginary friend to watch the fights with him,and named him fuji.The boy grew and at one point of time,he knew that he and his friend had to continue their ways alone. After 2 years since he was left to move on his way,"fuji" discovered by the announes in Honoa that a new land were created,the Pokémon world. Aboard a ship,he travelled full of dreams in his heart and ideas in the mind.After fuji arrived,he started thinking about 1 way to make pokemon fights more hardcore and as like the matches he used to watch with his tamer. So,in 2000,now known as dr. or Mr. Fuji,GPL started as a show. Fuji still asking to some tamers what happens in the wrestling brands in real world.So,the matches and rules are always renovated.

Show info Edit

name = Great pokemon league

  • episode count = 512 (last counted at February 14,2010)
  • original run =january 13,2000-Present}}


  • brand 1 = Hard core
  • airtime = Fridays 20h to 21h30| channel = Pokemon live!
  • theme = "No one like you by Scorpions"
  • Original run=August 20,2009
  • brand 2 = Smash
  • airtime = Mondays 20h to 21h30| channel = Pokemon live!
  • theme = "...To Be Loved" by Papa Roach
  • Original run=August 23,2009



Fight for life:Struggle in steel.

Each year,GPL have 1 serie of pay per view,and 2010 is the year of Fight for life Each no way out event is named after months(Fight for life january). And gpl has 3 special events yearly,1 is the WFF World tournament, Pokemania and Aniversary brawl

See alsoEdit

Defunct championshipsEdit

  • GPL heavyweight champion(now GPL chanmpionship)
  • Light weight championship(for kindergarten type pokemons)
  • GPL Extreme championship(for extreme matches)
  • Television tag team championship