This is a list of dreams by people who had them. You can list dreams you had here.

William Leonard's DreamsEdit

1(bad): Walking on air surrounded by big boxes. There is a horror shriek, and I try to open my mouth to scream, but I can't.

2(bad/good): Going to the museum and finding an article on a newspaper about Henry VIII's ghost escaping. Dad wants to find it, so we set off. We end up being chased by Henry VIII's ghost. I try to wake myself up by running into a bush of nettles, but it disappears. I then think up a loudspeaker to scream, and I wake up. (There. Now you know I am a lucid dreamer.)

My DreamEdit

Odd Dream: I am running away from a orange octopus that has all the powers of Millennia and is trying to kill me. I reach my hand out to electrocute the guy but nothing happens. So then I mentally picture the dude being electrocuted and it happens weird. Then I start flying "outside" and all of a sudden I hit my head on something. The octopus had dropped a ton of bricks on my head! After I wake up with a nasty bruise on my head and killing headache. Motrin did NOT help, if you are wondering.