No way out

No way out is a 2009 PPV held by The Great Pokemon League. The main event of the No Way Out year were the elimination chamber matches.

No way out Dates and main events Edit

Event Date City Main event
No way out november November 8,2008 Cerulean,kanto Long defeated crew,anderson and silver to retain the GPL championship.
No way out december December 12,2008 New bark town, Johto Long defeated Ash to retain the GPL championship
No way out January January 25,2009 Mossdeep,hoenn Runk wins Royal rumble tournament
No way out february February 19,2009 Mahogany, Johto Nukey defeated neto, crew and candice for 10,000 pkdollars
No way out march March 13,2009 Viridian,kanto Elimination chambers for Television and GPL championships
No way out may may 17,2009 Ecruteak,johto Judgement battle:team GPL vs team NPW
No way out June June 30,2009 Sotopolis,Hoenn Destruction X vs Dueldome for GPL championship in a NO DQ match