No way out may
Promotion GPL
Date May 17
City Ecruteak,johto
last event Pokemania 09
Next Event No way out june
theme song Hammerhead by offspring

No way out may was a WFF pay-per-view at ecruteak city at may 17th that reunited fights of GPL NPW and a tradicional judgement battle of GPL vs NPW

Show eventsEdit

numbers in parentheses show the time of the match

  • GPL Championship TLC match Long def Brawly to retain GPL championship(19:08)
    • Long hit the Erie Bomb atop a ladder on Brawly'sMachamp, following by a 3 count by Long's Kaioh
  • Judgement battle Team GPL def Team NPW(6:50)
    • Team GPL:Neto, Sabrina, Ash, Blaine and Anderson
    • Team NPW:Crew, Alan, Max, Brian and Roark
    • Neto and Ash were the remaining trainers
  • World tag team championship match Layla and brendan def Sydney and justina to retain World tag

team championship(6:07)

  • World heavyweight championship elimination chamber Runk vs Byron vs Nukey vs Kisumon vs Moore

vs Yugo kavzkiz RESULTS

Elimination # Trainer Eliminated by entered Pokemon Elimination move
1 Yugo Kavzkiz Runk start Mambou pinned with bridge
2 Moore Runk first Tyranitar gave up after the Crucifix
3 Runk Kisumon start Abomasnow Pinned after the Sunny Beach
4 Nukey Byron Third Salamence pinned after Rock slide
5 Kisumon Byron second Milotic pinned after Dig
Winner and World Heavyweight champion: Byron

  • Morningstar match Morty def Kid rock and Candice(5:29)
    • Morty pinned Kid rock after hitting a springboard Dreammaker
  • TV championship matchBlue def Falkner to become new TV champion(9:45)
  • Falls count matchSilver def Ritchie
    • Ritchie's charmeleon gave up