The Onie is a inmarginary animal and is ussaly hunts.It is almost as smart as humans and try to copy everything that they do.They are meat eaters and mostly eats lizards and sometimes anything that is smaller and a few times bigger animals.


Onies first ruled the earth in the jurassic period.Before that look more lizard like.Before that they where dragon flies.before that they were a fish called a spagatie fish because it looks like a string.3 meters long.

Iventions historyEdit

House historyEdit

At the start the house was a simple rectangle.Has a hole for a door and the bed were plants:


A slice through of the first house

Secondly they made funiture and rooms.The sofa was made of Bamboo.To make the door they use hinges like tease:


then when onies discoverd concreate,houses were made of concrete and iron.The oven was invented when iron was discoverd,also the grill.And the lamp.



The Cycle is the most importent Ingretiant for veciles.


Cars are 1-5 Onie power which is also 300-1500 Mph,That's More faster that Sound!


Motorbikes are 1-2 Onie power which is also 300-600 Mph




Onies have huge eyes,5 time bigger than a human eye,It can see in 3D and can seein infared light,this is useful because if an animal camoflage it can still see it.They can see up to 1km


Onies can hear up to 1km,The size is twice as a mouse's ear


It can smell up to 1km

Physical characteristicsEdit


a Onies coat is gold and feels like a deers


the tail is 3m long.It has a gland that no animal has called a "Tail gland" wich carries the tail so it won't get trapped,stepped or cutten.It usses it as a arm


It can live to 100y


Meat and plants


Onies can travel up to 300kph


Onies are as almost as smart as a human.It can bulid buildings make games even give and get Onie money! They even have there own language.The difference is that onies only say the first two letters so Onie is "On".

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