The region of Lonbrit is among the largest of the planet's landmasses, being 740 miles wide and 1100 long. It has every type of environment imaginable: large forests, swamps, beaches, canyons, bodies of water, moors, cave systems, a desert area, one mountain range and even a decent-sized polar region in the north. It's history began 6000 years ago when huge seismic activity caused millions of tons of lava to erupt from the seabed. Gradually it cooled and hardened until seeds carried by the winds were able to take root. This later began to attract Flying-type Pokémon who landed to build nests for breeding. This in turn brought other types, nearly all being small species that either swam to live around the coasts, or were carried on floating matter. Because the land is still so young, the creatures never had time to develop into new, native species. 3000 years later the first humans from surrounding regions arrived on wooden sailboats and established their own unique culture, building impressive settlements whose ruins still exist and amaze today. Throughout history man also brought to Lonbrit Pokémon of all species known to science, whose descendants have spread to every corner of the land (obviously, this excludes Alolan Variants & those created by future technologies such as Porygon, Mew & Genesect). They also brought hundreds of fossils, from which ancient Pokemon would be restored and released centuries later, and now they're descendants inhabit the land's wilder areas. In terms of population, Lonbrit is one of the smallest Regions in the Pokémon World, having 64 villages, towns and cities which are home to about 14 million people. The Capital is Bessminster City. For 900 years the land has been ruled by the same royal family; The current reigning monarch is Queen Hazel IV. Lonbrit has long had Ministers for Pokémon Welfare, the current being Sir Winstanley Sugden. Lonbrit's foremost Pokémon expert is Professor Rudyard Whitebeam. His laboratory is in the town of Russhampton. Trainers go there to receive their starter from him. Lonbrit is the only region where trainers can choose from all 21 starters of the other regions. As in most lands many towns and cities have a pokemon centre, each led by a Nurse Joy, where people go to heal their pokemon, buy certain items and eat in a small cafeteria. Pokémon are more than friends of hopeful trainers; They're often found helping people in countless professions like fire-fighting, sanitation, security & human hospitals. They also make a huge contribution to the economy; famous exports include Mareep wool knitwear, crops from fields tilled by Dugtrio and Drilbur, honey gathered by Ribombee & Combee, paintings by Smeargle, and of course Moomoo Milk. Unlike the rest of the world, Lonbrit has no Officer Jennys; instead it has its own law enforcement system known as M7D. Lonbrit has its own criminal organisation called Team Rascal, composed of 200 members (Grunts) led by a man known only as "The Guv". Its members prefer to use Pokémon of the Poison, Dark, Ghost & Fighting Types. The team's better known for stealing Pokémon, extortion, smuggling, & kidnapping: for some time there have been rumours they're planning something so massive it'll affect the entire region. The Pokémon League of Lonbrit is slightly different to those of the other regions; There is no Elite Four or Champion to challenge. Instead, trainers aim to qualify for the Lonbrit Conference, an annual multi-stage tournament to determine who is each year's Pokémon Master. There is one Gym for each of the 18 types, but only eight badges, in any combination, are required. The gyms are located in the following settlements: Chilshire Town(Ice), Staticron City(Electric), Dimsford City(Dark), Hocuston Town(Psychic), Aquaville Town(Water), Scumchester City(Poison), Axelbert Town(Steel), Roughberg City(Fighting), Delvesbury Town(Ground), Ordin City(Normal), Cragsforth Town(Rock), Fogginsby Town(Flying), Booford City(Ghost), Drakesham Town(Dragon),Fancee Town(Fairy), Pyrobridge City(Fire), Seedfleet City (Grass) and Vermiwich Town(Bug).

List of Gym Leaders & teams:

Edna, Ice: Snorunt Jynx Bergmite. Bert, Grass: Bellsprout Petilil Tropius

Simeon, Fighting: Thro Machop Poliwrath Judith, Fairy: Snubbull Klefki

Elspeth, Water: Wailmer Marill Psyduck x 2 Toby, Ground: Drilbur Mudbray

Aiden, Ghost: Litwick Shuppet Phantump Pumpkaboo Olaf, Normal: Snorlax Exploud Sawsbuck Komala Watchog

Jordan, Dragon: Druddigon Dratini Bagon Sadie, Electric: Pikachu Dedenne Luxray Stunfisk

Tariq, Rock: Nosepass Tyrunt Omastar Percival, Fire: Camerupt Turtonator Darumaka

Bentley, Steel: Aron Klink Steelix Egon Flying: Pidgey Staraptor Trumbeak Golbat

Daniel, Dark: Purrloin Absol Scraggy Shiftry Skuntank Marge, Bug: Leavanny Kricketune Ledian x 2

Algernon, Psychic: Kadabra Natu Beheeyem Charlotte, Poison: Grimer Nidorino Mareanie Ariados


All Items and Berries exist and operate as usual.

The rules surrounding Ditto remain.

Egg groups & Moves from breeding chains do exist.

Pokémon know all their level-up, TM, and HM Moves from birth (apart from Evolution-specific moves).

All abilities are the same.

All Evolution methods, including the weird ones such as Inkay having to be upside-down, work as usual.

There are some Move Tutors, but they do not require heart scales to teach Pokémon their attacks.

During official Battles changes to a Pokémon's stats are recorded via devices similar to CT-scan machines.

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